The local mountain biking club expands and improves their trail network to enhance access for all levels of riders.

Cumberland, a village in the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island is a world-class destination for mountain biking. The United Riders of Cumberland (UROC), a grassroots non-profit organization is at the forefront of mountain biking in the community. Part of their focus has been the development and management of an extensive trail network which saw exponential growth in ridership during the pandemic. 

UROC identified a need to improve year-round access to the mountain bike trail system. Doing so would elevate the experience for visitors and residents in the community, while better protecting the trails themselves. The biggest need was new flow trails to connect the upper and lower trail networks. This enhancement would better serve all levels of ridership, especially those new to the sport. The new trails would also help minimize the impact on the local environment.

Dougal Browne, Executive Director, UROC says getting the trail built was a total community effort. “So many people contributed their time and the funding we received was vital to helping us realize our vision for the trails,” Dougal says. 

The project was divided into two phases beginning in September 2021 and took 12 months to complete. In September of 2022, the new trails were officially opened, and Dougal believes they will be transformative for the sport in the area. “With these new trails, we get the right people and the right place to enjoy the right experience,” he says. 

The passion, vision and dedication of local residents means the sport of mountain biking in Cumberland is now accessible year-round for all levels, a benefit to both visitors and the community.

The funds that 4VI allocated to his project were received from the Targeted Regional Tourism Development(TRTD) Initiative.

The TRTD funding is a one-time grant to each of B.C.’s six tourism regions to establish targeted regional tourism development initiatives through community partnerships and leveraging other private and public funding sources. Funding supports the implementation, improvement and/or development of regional initiatives that target the following funding objectives:

  • Creates new employment opportunities and long-term tourism jobs.
  • Aligns with the priorities identified in the Strategic Framework for Tourism in B.C. and
  • Destination BC’s Corporate Strategy.
  • Encourages new business attraction and/or creates diversified economic opportunities.
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