One Year In, Our Restartup Makes Its Impact – View Our Impact Report

In April 2022, we launched 4VI with the mission to ensure that travel is a force for good for Vancouver Island – forever. We became a social enterprise with a mandate to reinvest our surplus revenues back into our region and for the benefit of the residents.

Throughout the last year, we focused our ongoing work through the lens of four pillars of social responsibility: businesses, communities, culture, and the environment. I am excited to share with you our Impact Report. It provides an in-depth overview of the 2022-2023 fiscal year and the impact we’ve made for this region.

In our first year, we’ve built a stronger team and established new relationships locally and internationally. We’ve helped businesses remain open and thrive coming out of the pandemic. We’ve supported the unique and captivating culture that is thriving in this region. And we’ve researched a baseline for the carbon footprint of tourism in our region and built a plan to help reduce that in the next few years.

Building on our more than six decades as a partner in the success of the tourism industry in this region, we shifted our focus toward measuring more than just the bottom line. Our three-year Impact Strategy aligns these pillars of social enterprise to the development of our organization and the industry.

While our entire team is dedicated to the success of 4VI, this would not have been possible without the continued support of our Board of Directors, who looked at the model of a social enterprise and helped us take the leap in the lead up to April 2022.

Finally, the success of the organization is identified through its leadership. I write this to you in lieu of our President & CEO Anthony Everett. Throughout the launch of this restartup, he has been instrumental in the success of 4VI. As we shared in December, Anthony is currently undergoing cancer treatment and will be stepping away until the early fall. Our entire team continues to focus on working together and achieving success as we enter year two of 4VI. I look forward to welcoming Anthony back very soon.

Brian Cant
Acting President & CEO, VP, Business Impact & Engagement

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