Update from Anthony Everett, President & CEO, 4VI

What’s happening at 4VI?

Since April 2022, when we launched 4VI as a social enterprise, I have been humbled by the interest from organizations, businesses, and communities in our region and around the world. 

Throughout the summer and fall, I’ve had the opportunity to share the message of our social enterprise model and our passion for the four pillars of social responsibility identified by our organization: communities, culture, environment, and businesses. I’ve recently spoken to audiences in London, Athens, and Tel Aviv where the global tourism community has gathered. What has been most rewarding has been the agreement that our industry needs to adjust its focus on only growing the bottom line. We need to look at our industry holistically and with a longer lens. We need to apply metrics that include the impact (both positive and negative) to communities; the identification, support and empowerment of cultures; and our impact and plans for reduction and mitigation to our environment. 

I firmly believe that a great place to live can be a great place to visit, but so many of our great places to visit are no longer truly a great place to live. That needs to change, and organizations and business leaders from all corners of the globe are recognizing that, including many in the Vancouver Island Region. 

We’re steadfast in our commitment to the Vancouver Island Region. We continue to work with Destination British Columbia and our community destination management partners to deliver on all aspects of the shared-cost agreement in place, including destination development and stewardship, Iconics, travel trade, travel media, and content marketing. While there have been some questions from partners about the nature and status of this relationship as we transitioned to our new social enterprise model, our team has continued to successfully deliver on this important work. 

We look forward to continuing to share the success of our social enterprise model with our provincial, regional, and community partners. 

Now, comes the other news.

With all positive changes and support comes one thing I hadn’t anticipated happening in 2022. Many of you will be aware that I had cancer in the mid-2010s and, while I was successful in recovering from it then, it has returned. While this news is personal, I want to raise awareness of this issue with our stakeholders and partners. Integrity is a core value for me and for our organization. I have received an incredible amount of support from our Board of Directors and my team. And I – well we – have a plan in place for the next eight to 10 months. 

I will begin chemotherapy treatment early in the New Year; however, I will continue to fulfill the role of President & CEO of 4VI during this first round of treatment. In spring 2023, I will begin a short-term leave of absence to undertake stem cell replacement. At this time, 4VI will have Brian Cant – currently VP, Business Impact & Engagement – serve as Acting President & CEO and report to the Board of Directors. Brian will be joined for the strategic and daily management of 4VI by Calum Matthews, VP, Sustainability & Strategy and Steve Thompson, VP, Finance & Operations. These members of the leadership team will ensure that 4VI delivers on its contractual obligations with its clients while continuing to build on the success of the social enterprise model announced in April 2022. In addition, the 4VI leadership team has relationships with a small group of advisors that bring expertise in governance and strategy. Following my short-term leave, I anticipate a full return to my role in summer 2023. The entire 4VI Board of Directors and staff fully support the planned approach. 

While this was unanticipated, I am confident that our organization is set up to deliver on our mission. We have a robust business strategy, strong relationships with our partners and clients, and the support of our board. All of this will ensure that this short-term leave I will be taking will be just a minor shift in our path toward a more sustainable and equitable future for our industry and the region. 

Thank you,


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