Accessible Travel Guides help ensure Vancouver Island is an inclusive travel destination, with unforgettable vacation experiences for all.

4VI’s mission is to ensure travel as a force for good for Vancouver Island – forever. To deliver on this vision, 4VI is committed to destination stewardship across four pillars, including Accessible Travel.

As a non-profit social enterprise, 4VI takes a community-minded approach, working to ensure the stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture of our Island can be appreciated by everyone. Partnering with a variety of organizations, 4VI incorporates the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in our tourism planning and destination development. This perspective and focus have resulted in several initiatives that are helping to improve the tourism experience for all visitors, and to expand opportunities for communities and businesses.

Accessible Travel Guides are an important resource for prospective visitors and locals alike. The Guides serve to provide representation for travellers with disabilities and support them with practical information that preserves their enjoyment and dignity while visiting. 4VI works with a variety of partners, including Community Destination Marketing Organizations, Spinal Cord Injury BC and Destination British Columbia to create this digital content that highlights opportunities on Vancouver Island for barrier-free travel.

Each guide is developed in collaboration with travellers — those with both visible and invisible disabilities — accessibility experts and our partners. The content includes information on accessible hotels and campgrounds, trails and amenities, and tour activities within 17 communities on Vancouver Island. Additional aspects of this work include efforts that support Rainbow Registered accreditation and Good Night Out training for bars and restaurants.

Woman with wheelchair boarding a boat

It’s essential that our communities and surroundings are accessible, enjoyable experiences for all visitors, no matter their ability. By creating Accessible Travel Guides, we invite all guests to immerse themselves in the beauty and vibrancy of Vancouver Island

~ Kira Marshall, Manager, Content Production

The Accessible Travel Guides are a key aspect of our efforts to support communities and businesses as they expand access and inclusion for all travellers. The marketing materials promote Vancouver Island as a destination that supports the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, and captures the vibrant spirit and welcome that define the place we call home. 

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