One Year In, Our Restartup Makes Its Impact

In mid-April 2022, we launched 4VI with the mission to ensure that travel is a force for good for Vancouver Island – forever. We became a social enterprise with a mandate to reinvest our surplus revenues back into our region and for the benefit of the residents.

Throughout the last year, we focused on our ongoing work through the lens of four pillars of social responsibility: businesses, communities, culture, and the environment. We are excited to share with you our Impact Report. It provides an in-depth overview of the 2022-2023 fiscal year and the impact we’ve made for this region.

A Strategy to Define our Impact

Travellers visit to connect with people and surroundings. Yet too many visitors in the wrong places at peak times can degrade the natural assets that draw them. Ensuring travel is a force for good doesn’t just happen. To deliver on this commitment, we have redefined the expectations we have of ourselves. We are only as good as the work we do each day, which is why we are committed to destination stewardship.

To help achieve our commitments to these four pillars, we have developed a three year Impact Strategy.


Partnerships across the tourism industry and between diverse sectors will be crucial to achieving the scale and sustained impact needed for meaningful change in our industry. At this time, we are working with sustainability specialists from Vancouver Island and abroad to collect and develop data in order to accurately track the impacts of tourism that are being made across our destination.

State of Gender Equity on Vancouver Island

Women of Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality (WORTH Association) is committed to implementing meaningful policies and practices to advance gender equity on Vancouver Island. By supporting a multi-year strategy with 4VI, WORTH Association aims to represent the interests of intersectional women and allies to ensure travel is a force for good – forever.

The State of Gender Equity on Vancouver Island addresses opportunities and gaps related to employment, entrepreneurship, compensation, retention and leadership development in the Vancouver Island Region’s tourism industry. The report also includes best practices and recommendations achievable by the private sector and industry stakeholders towards improved gender equity.


Check out the Mentorship Program Guide from WORTH to help women in the tourism industry implement mentorship programs in their organizations.

Success Stories

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