4VI is a social enterprise dedicated to ensuring travel is a force for good — forever.

Coming out of the pandemic, traveller behaviour and expectations of the tourism industry changed. At 4VI, as we acknowledged the realities of the industry and assessed the road ahead, every discussion led back to the concept of balance.

We knew we needed an innovative response to current challenges — care for our planet, authentic tourism offerings and positive resident sentiment towards visitation. By changing how we work today, we will shape the perception and reality of tourism in the future.

We are focused on four pillars of social responsibility: communities, culture, environment, and businesses.

Now at 4VI, we don’t simply talk about balance, we are putting our expertise into action. As a non-profit social enterprise, we are supporting locally inspired, sustainable, and innovative destination development initiatives that authentically represent the community, businesses, and culture. And we are supporting the environment by committing to stewardship of our island home. 

We serve the tourism industry on Vancouver Island and beyond in a new way that directly contributes to an enduring, vibrant, and sustainable visitor economy.

As Vancouver Island’s respected tourism advisors, we will invest profits into powering the stewardship of our destination and our home, thereby making a real difference to the region we represent. These sustainable and innovative initiatives inspire others to consider weaving visitation into their own development. 

Through this breadth of work and commitment, we proudly demonstrate to other tourism organizations provincially, nationally, and internationally how they too can ensure travel is a force for good, wherever they call home.

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